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| July 18, 2011

You know that in order to play any video, audio or some new media in our computer what we need  mostly to do is got to have a variety of media players installed in our PC system because a large range of media player developers all the time persuading to go for their codec to encode our own video. The Issue in old encoded with the help of codec’s videos that had got a full stop long so next it turns out to be a genuine trouble for just playing back the compilation of your albums.

The point is, everyone will wish for a solution about conducting tests on installing different media players; don’t worry the good news for you have just arrived since there is now an approach to switch on different audio and video formats with no experiments installing different media players.

It is the great VLC Media Player.  And now the recent release is VLC Media Player 1.1.11, you might be thinking this is not new; the VLC media Player, that’s true because it has been developing since long. And finally now there is a cross-platform multipurpose media player, whose best part is that it challenges  to play just more or less every available format of your audio, video or any media. So aint that cool!

Internet-based media streaming is another feature of VLC Media Player so you can use VLC player to hear a streamed audio stream and many more stuff. Having installed VLC Media Player across your range of computer systems you get to know that a video that plays on Mac will play on your Computer system as well.

New 1.0.10 version carrying an amended pulse-audio output which is an important number of small Mac OS X fixes; this also supports the subtraction of the font-cache building for the free type module on Windows plus the Codec’s updates. VLC Media Player 1.1.11 certainly is the super excellent cross-platform, multi-format adaptable and versatile media player that would play almost any of the formats.

Click here to download Free VLC Media Player 1.1.11


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