Download now Sigil 0.4.0 RC1 (32-bit)

| July 18, 2011

Reading about different stuff digitally has been in use big time now days. The main thing about switching to digital publishing is all open up to each person since now everybody can issue one’s own books with no upfront charges making use of a facility just as Lulu.

It is the EPUB format that has been used by Lulu and nearly all of the eBook readers.  To switch your completed work to EPUB can be difficult if you do it by yourself. XHTML code and complicated formatting it is all about, But wait, wow! You have got Sigil now; so you can promptly and easily create an EPUB file with no coding expertise.  This open-source tool Sigil, carries a WYSIWYG approach in getting together your finished manuscript, and contains for you all the essential formatting tools you ever wanted.

How Sigil 0.4.0 RC1 works

Bring in your finished wording content into EPUB as simple text and get set to progress. Your work has been divided up into component XHTML-based chapters and with just one click; followed by fashioning up your text using headings, you can make a complete table of contents, letting your readers to just come to your effort so fast and easily. Inserting images into the text won’t be a bad idea, including your book’s own cover. Confirm that it’s 590 pixels wide by 750 high, place it at the start of your document and insert a chapter break right away after this and earlier than your text. Come to an end by expanding the Images section of the Book Browser sheet next right-click your cover image and select Cover Image from Add Semantics. Sigil can check your EPUB file for errors as well, for this click the green tick to confirm it is all correct before that you upset it.

Sigil sets all the features you require to make outstanding EPUB-format books even though it’s in a fairly premature stage of its days, and it might put you on the track to be suitable for being presented writer. So better download it and bring it on.

Click here to download Free Sigil 0.4.0 software


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