Download BitDefender Rescue CD v1.0

| July 14, 2011

BitDefender Rescue CD is a user-friendly product that works for fixing Windows that is: if the Windows is not getting to reboot any more for the case in point when BitDefender mistakenly quarantining essential system files consequently.
BitDefender Rescue CD appears as an ISO disc image all what you have to do is to use your disc burning software to make a physical copy of this, there’s another easier way though you can also go for specialist image burning tool that can surely get you help. you can download bitdefender rescuse cd v1.0 right from here.
ISO Workshop can be a good help without any cost for example. Having gotten the Disk what all you are to do next is to boot your infected system using the disk, and then grasp the instructions. The Rescue CD initially scans your PC system. So simple, aint it? Then BitDefender Rescue CD would automatically recover any problem if it detects any then. The limitations BitDefender Rescue CD version 1.0 has got must also be taken into account with its ability of getting an unbootable system working yet once more.


 The BitDefender program works out with -English, Spanish, French and German versions of Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 and XP (i.e; Windows XP’s version only that is installed on C drive of your PC).

  1. BitDefender Rescue CD can only work with the following BitDefender products:
  • BitDefender Antivirus 2008
  • BitDefender Antivirus 2009
  • BitDefender Antivirus 2010
  • BitDefender Total Security 2008
  • BitDefender Total Security 2009
  • BitDefender Total Security 2010
  • BitDefender Internet Security 2008
  • BitDefender Internet Security 2009
  • BitDefender Internet Security 2010


No Doubt that BitDefender Rescue CD v1.0 is an understandable product but still it has got some requirements that limits its worth; so you better keep the first priority the regular Windows repair options.


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