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| July 14, 2011

AVG Antivirus is full-featured parcel of antivirus software to keep away your PC from the viruses. AVG Antivirus is available at no charge all free for the non-commercial users. AVG Antivirus is simple user-friendly and is taken as the professional Antivirus software package. You can download free version of AVG Antivirus 2011 right from here.

In order to carry on for the defense of your PC system there are Antivirus database –updates- offers as well. AVG Antivirus Free 2011 edition has come up with even better performance, which the users through their feedback’s have admitted it.

AVG ANTIVIRUS FREE 2011- Features:

AVG Antivirus Free Edition 2011 has many well-organized features in it, making it so satisfactory for the customers using AVG Antivirus.

  • AVG Automatic Update serviceability
  • AVG Antivirus email scanner
  • AVG Antivirus resident shield
  • AVG Antivirus On-demand scanner
  • AVG virus vault
  • AVG Free virus database updates


AVG Antivirus 2011 edition comprises of many newer characteristics than its previous versions, as followed:

  • AVG Sys: In AVG Antivirus 2011 the issue about the blocked scanning launch on file systems with restricted facilities is solved.
  • Core: The issue about crash when scanning despoiled file has been solved by AVG Antivirus Edition 2011.
  • AVG E-mail Scanner of AVG 2011 edition
    1. Fixed: earth link Spam blocker matter;
    2. Fixed:  IMAP parsing trouble;
    3. Fixed: difficulty with adding up date and time to editing field; got a solution to the problem in email scanning on x64 platforms;
    4. Fixed: mail download problems
  • Safe Search: AVG Antivirus free 2011 edition has solved the  subject regarding the internet explorer crash because of the safe search; solved issue with unnecessary setback in form completion by means of roboform; put in support for Firefox v4.
  • Toolbar: AVG Antivirus 2011 has got a new version of toolbar applied
  • SET-UP:
    1. The languages installed in the previous versions, AVG Client Setup in the 2011 edition is able to preset them;
    2. AVG setup has now resolved the issue regarding the installation on the systems in which the Windows were in any other drive than C: drive;
    3.  AVG Antivirus 2011 when installed, entails lesser disk space now;
    4. Online Installation has come up with sending the error reports to AVG for investigation; solved the trouble of frequently wanted restart whenever AVG is upgraded.
  • AVG Update: AVG in its 2011 edition has
  • Fixed: the break down caused by shutting down the system during the program update
  • Fixed: the matter of update being ineffective due to the processing of flags established from update server.

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