Download Web of Trust (WOT) Addon of Google Chrome 1.2.1

| July 12, 2011

Its all so clear that Internet surfing is becoming a hobby for all of us. Web Browsing turns out to be quite an informative for you but sometimes when you are clicking a website for some purpose having no idea whether the site being dangerous or infectious,  and you are bringing your system a risk. Quite certainly it is not possible to judge the site you are going to let in your system is safe for it or not. you can download WOT Google Chrome 1.2.1 right from here.

The product under discussion Web of Trust of Google Chrome 1.2.1 is surely going to help you in some way of out for this and it is the security addon as it safe your system by identifying online scams, spyware, spams,virus and unreliable shopping sites.

Some of the Web Browsers have worked for catching up the fake and untrusting websites but these are the fake websites that do not last long but for some hours or so. But there are some other lasting websites containing malwares and infections for a permanent time and these are the unsafe sites you have to get worried about.

There are security tools available that provide your system security by turning on web-filtration Add-ons but Web of Trust of Google Chrome is a product just in hand to offer safe browsing ambiance and secure your systems being worthy enough to alert you if the website you are selecting is dangerous.

How Web of Trust Protects your PC from infections, it rates the sites, results of search engines, and links for web-based Email accounts in Green, Amber and Red color according to their safety value. You are so not trying the danger then. The version of Web of Trust of Google Chrome 1.1 has also come up with providing the security for links in facebook and twitter and some other social-networking websites links. If you have unintentionally clicked a website that Malware resides, a security message will be given via a pop up window about the danger.

The ratings for the websites are done by above Three million WOT users and there are possibilities that the ratings are not 100% correct since its all rated by a large number of people. For this there has been some complaints about safe websites rated as dangerous in Web of Trust of Google Chrome and that these websites are being blocked undeserving , but still many are there, the harmful websites, deserve to be blocked according to the subjective reviewing criteria of Web of Trust.

There is additional protection stuff in Web of Trust of Google Chrome 1.2.1 that is the Add-on you can configure; automatically blocking some unwholesome sites to keep your children away from the unhealthy and not so suitable websites for kids.

The concept is a full-featured protection of your system, if the ratings get 100% perfectly trustworthy; as the ratings are not 100% reliable so far, but if so come about, no wonder this protection could be the best among all.


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