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| July 12, 2011

Anti Trojan Elite is a successful Trojan/keylogger remover. Anti Trojan acts as a safety tool for your system by watching any change in the very significant registry keys of your PC also accounting for network information.  Anti Trojan Elite removes the Trojan or keylogger with so efficacy hindering Trojan horse, after finding the Trojan just when it starts running, polluting your PCs.

Anti Trojan Elite has now brought to public its new version Anti Trojan Elite 5.4.8 with many exclusive characteristics to prove ATE 5.4.8 even better than its previous versions. You can download free Anti Trojan Elite 5.4.8 right from here.

Features of Anti Trojan Elite 5.4

Anti Trojan Elite 5.4 comes with awesome features like;

  • Processing memory scan
  • Files scan
  • Killer of malice file message box on time
  • Network manager-analyzes the tcp connections and udp states, and the related process, disconnects tcp and finishes the opposite process.
  • Important registry key manager-monitors the registry value including run and file open connection also recovers the registry value data.
  • Process manager-views and controls the process and its modules information
  • Back-up module- backup trojan files before removing
  • Scanner plus killer for thousands of Trojans
  • Support compressed files
  • IE repair: repairs Internet explorer distorted by the spite websites
  • System optimization: Optimize Windows running effectiveness
  • Registry guard
  • Web report: simply output the scan report in html format.
  • Live Update: online updating

Why pick Anti Trojan Elite 5.4

  • Anti Trojan Elite 5.4 comes as Real-time Malware Firewall
  • Detects and clears obvious malware keeping normal files safe kills the malware.
  • Free Tools of Anti Trojan Elite view the information of Ip/tcp states.
  • ATE 5 detects & cleans no-process malware, no EXE file only DLL files

New About Anti Trojan Elite 5.4.8

  • Update the anti-malware library to July 9 of this year

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