Download Airfoil software for Windows 3.0

| July 12, 2011

Airfoil is an incredible tiny software tool that lets you listen to the audio tracks of your choice through your Airport Express, from any Windows application which is competent of playing audio. Airfoil for Windows version 3.0 permits you to get rid of iTunes and stream you’re audio to your Airport Express another PC system or iPhone from pretty nearly whichever audio application.

Airfoil for Windows thus has fixed the issue regarding discovering the tools outside the iTunes which support Airport Express system, instantly the issue regarding Spotify as we ignore being capable to listen to our tracks through hi-fi from the other side of our room. You can download Airfoil 3.0 windows software right from here.

So now you can get the best of this stuff without involving iTunes. Airfoil working as a fabulous software device allows you to attend to your audio tracks through your Airport Express from any Windows. Airfoil for Windows catches the audio and offers an output by your Airport Express before your system’s audio devices.

There is still something more to talk about Airfoil; now it’s possible to use the tool for streaming your desktop’s music to your iPhone or iPod Touch so no need to keep your tracks in your iPhone, but fairly amass them in your hard drive.

Airfoil also helps you sending audio to the Apple TV and even other desktop systems in the region of your house.  Wow! So aren’t that great to listen to your favorite music through your Airport Express, from any Windows app proficient of playing audio, all along with the location you move on to.


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