Free Download Instantbird Portable 1.0 Messaging Service

| July 11, 2011

Instant messaging has never been that easier as it is now with instantbird 1.0. Instantbird is a tremendously user-friendly and very extensible instant messaging client intending to revere its users.

Portable Instantbird is worthy enough to strap up the control of Pidgin and of Mozilla’s Firefox tools to offer contact to a broad diversity of instant messaging networks whereas giving an easy famous extension platform.You can download Instantbird Portable 1.0 application right from here.

You may use all your existing instant messaging, with Instantbird, accounting in a single application. If you already are using instant messaging then you don’t need to create another new account to start using Instantbird.

On a negative side Instantbird portable does not go for Voice chat or video chat stuff, hence it is quite convenient to keep in touch with your friends through one interface.

Instantbird 1.0 is a program keeping a lot of prospective features within it mainly given its relatively smaller footprint on Windows.

Instantbird supports add-ons, extensions and themes in much the same model as Firefox does revealing its links to Mozilla. To locate a new one, select Tools > Add-ons and enter a search term. The selection is limited but the open source character of the Instantbird must offer it with much potential for the development in opportunity because the competitors are still better in performance yet.

Instantbird has the impending ability to be a useful single interface for instant messaging and societal networking. The portable feature of Instantbird makes it quite a handy program for its users.


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