Download Comodo Firewall Pro 5.5.195786

| July 8, 2011

Comodo Firewall pro is one of the intelligent firewalls that come with built in application database. With   such huge application database, Comodo firewall pro edition comes with more than 10,000 applications that are classified by Comodo firewall according to the risk level, such as SPYWARE, ADWARE, and many more.  Comodo Firewall is the smartest ever firewall application, as with Comodo Firewall pro 5.5.195786 that makes it so easy and simple to understand the complex terminologies regarding the security of your system. Comodo Firewall Pro 5.5 is one of the unique, more powerful and intelligent firewall that comes with massive database to analyze the security risks, which make its working different from other firewalls.You can download free Comodo Firewall Pro 5.5.195786 antivirus right from here.


Comodo Firewall Pro 5.5 is also easy to use than ever by analyzing single alert and providing understandable security consideration section to the users , in order to understand the security complex terminologies related to the system.

Features of Comodo Firewall 5.5

  • Clean System mode
  • Host intrusion avoidance system
  • Well turned-out pop-ups alerts
  • Superior network Firewall Engine
  • Controlling, powerful and intuitive security rules interface
  • Smooth New Graphical User Interface
  • Application performance Analysis
  •  Automatic Firewall Training mode
  • Windows Security Center Integration
  • Self Protection in opposition to the Critical Process Execution
  • Application Recognition Database
  • Automatic Updating
  • Developed Firewall Event Logging


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