Free Download KeyPass Password Safe 2.15

| July 7, 2011

KeyPass Password safe is a free password manger or password safe serving you to administer your passwords in a secure way. How you are served using KeyPass Password Safe, is that you can put all of your passwords in one database keeping it locked by a key, so you have to then remember only one master password instead of many of your passwords. You can free download KeyPass Password Safe application right from here.

Features of KeyPass Password Safe 2.15

  • KeyPass Password Safe 2.15 has following useful features involved
  • Well encrypted databases fixation
  • Maintaining key-disks to be inserted or the master Passwords
  • Trouble-free database transfer in KeyPass Password Safe
  • Multi-language Support with KeyPass Password Safe
  • Export Password list to txt, html, csv or xml files
  • Import from csv and txt files
  • Global auto-type, auto type hot key combination
  • Powerful capricious Password generator
  • Instinctive and safe Windows clipboard supporting
  • No installation required for KeyPass Password Safe and it runs on all Windows working systems and it requires very low memory
  • Plugin design and KeyPass Password Safe is all Open-source
  • New in KeyPass Password Safe 2.15 – Add-ons, Improvements and fixings:
  • KeyPass Password Safe 2.15 – Add-ons:
  • In KeyPass Password Safe 2.15, they have added many new features like
  • An option to lock, following a little time of global user inactivity and when the remote control status gets changed.
  • KeyPass Password Safe 2.15 has got new Window activation support on Unix-like systems
  • Auto-type on Windows and Unix-type Systems
  • KeyPass Password Safe 2.15 has now found support for importing DataVault 4.7 csv files and Revelation 0.4 xml files
  • KeyPass Password Safe 2.15 has got new option to give way recently established recycle bin tree nodes.
  • In the history catalog of the entry dialogue KeyPass Password Safe 2.15 has now a SIZE column.
  • And besides, there are still many other new features KeyPass Password Safe 2.15 has now been provided with.
  • KeyPass Password Safe 2.15 – Improvements:
  • KeyPass Password Safe 2.15 has improved its locking timer
  • KeyPass Password Safe is improved in its locking scheme when the Windows session is being finished or switched and in Multi-database locking as well
  • Improvements in file transactions
  • Removal of KDBX DOM code
  • After deleting a group KeyPass Password Safe 2.15 now selects the parent group
  • In KeyPass Password Safe 2.15 the entries are spotted as modified while mass-changing the icons or the colors
  • Improved dialogue closing
  • While installing KeyPass Password Safe 2.15, you must take it into account the improvement that the KeyPass start menu shortcut is now generated in the programs folder directly and the other shortcuts are now eliminated
  • There are many other improvements those have been found in KeyPass Password Safe 2.15
  • KeyPass Password Safe 2.15 – Fixings:
  • The Quotes in restrictions are now runaway properly for the ‘Execute Command line / URL’ prompt action
  • Window filters with no wildcards now match correctly with Auto-type on Unix-like Systems.


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