Apple iOS 5 jailbreak Ban Pirated Apps

| June 24, 2011

Apple’s impending mobile firmware iOS 5 is on its way to be officially released, the other hand I’ve got the news about Stefan Esser reporting no pirated Apps on iOS 5 jailbreak.

According to the report which the jailbreak developer Stefan Esser also known as iOn1c gave on Twitter last days, the upcoming iOS 5 jailbreak would entirely be piracy-free. He, talking about iOS 5 Jailbreak told on Twitter that he has been working on iOS 5 un-tethered jailbreak having no pirated Apps in it. The Apple had already reported about the release of iOS 5 at some stage in the fall of 2011 and many of the jailbreakers are already into developing similar in temperament jailbreaks Apps.

If this so happens, you cannot then install jailbreak Apps like Installous that is what he told on Twitter. Stefan Esser told that he has been thinking of creating a jailbreak that blocks the pirated Apps, and according to him it would be a motivation for iOS 5 to be un-tethered. He reported on Twitter that future jailbreaks should block Installous from working. The installaous to be a waste for iOS 5 is not a very good idea for the jailbreak users who has been using the resources proposed by Installous and there are about 11 million iOS enabled iDevices which are using Installous. This anti-piracy idea so doesn’t seem healthy for the users having facilitated by Installous for their iOS devices.


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