Mozilla introducing Firefox 5

| June 23, 2011

Mozilla Firefox has proved to be a very reliable browser so far. Hence some of the features were still there to be improved, in recent Mozilla just released Mozilla Firefox 5 comprising of many improved aspects in it. According to Mozilla Chief executive the fast wide spread world of the internet persuaded them realizing they should be innovating faster.

If you are a big fan of Mozilla Firefox you must be reported about its new version Mozilla Firefox 5 owning the upgraded features as follows:

Added Support for CSS animations

The additional support for the CSS animation in Mozilla Firefox 5 animates the transitions from one CSS style configuration to another. This upgraded technology in Mozilla Firefox 5 sounds so appealing for the dynamic web pages and applications.

The new Add-on of Mozilla Firefox 5

This feature of Mozilla Firefox 5 facilitates the extensions to be easier to write and not to be smashed when a new browser gets released by letting the programmers make the extensions out of the web technologies rather than the previous XUL technology. Add-on builder is present in Mozilla Firefox 5 to make the writing extensions simpler.

The Do not Track Technology

In Mozilla Firefox 5 it is so easier to find the do not track button as compared to Mozilla Firefox 4. This technology is for letting the public inform the websites they don’t want to be tracked for marketing reasons or the advertisements.

Canvas improved technology

The technology providing two-dimensional graphics is now quicker in Mozilla Firefox 5, this technology of Mozilla Firefox 5 is fixed better to the official purpose.

Favor for the Android Devices

The new Mozilla Firefox 5 is well-matched with any device running Android 2.0 or more than it. In order to beautify the Web pages on an Android the Mozilla Firefox 5 carries a web open font format for downloadable styles.

Besides all of the above features there are still some characteristics for which the Mozilla Firefox 5 has been taken so much into account as an improved modern browser. This latest version Mozilla Firefox 5 has also been proven to be more stable than Mozilla’s previous versions.



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