Microsoft Windows 8 hot features

| June 10, 2011

Microsoft one of the famous software developers is going to launch the absolute latest version of Windows. Latest upcoming new version Windows 8 will be imbedded with splendid awesome features.  Microsoft has allowed their OEM partners to download Windows 8 builds.

Microsoft Windows 8 expected release date is perhaps in early 2012. Last week Microsoft showed some awesome features in a preview and there are also certain leaked images that are supposed to be the new embedded features of windows 8.  Windows 8 hot features are as follows:

1. Windows Phone 7’s theme and UI

Windows 8 will come with tiles based interface known as Immersive.  With this feature, the GUI will be used in full screen mode, and also support Microsoft new tablets running windows 8.

2. Ribbon User Interface in Explorer

Ribbonized style explorer is expected to be introduced in Windows 8. Ribbonized style is just like Ribbon GUI introduced by Microsoft in office 2007.

3. Cloud Integration

Windows 8 will also come with the Microsoft’s cloud services, and possibly through SkyDrive and Windows Live Mesh. SkyDrive is the online storage repository where one can store data like files, and through Mesh application it syncs other windows computers and mobile devices remotely.  Both apps are available by installing windows live Essentials 2011.

4. Windows Live Integration

User will be able to login into windows 8 through windows live or hotmail account and able to see the profile image of your windows live user profile that appears to the far right of the system tray.

5. Built-In PDF Reader

Microsoft Windows 8 will come with built in PDF reader and with its own PDF reader called Modern reader. With this splendid features no more need to download and install Adobe Reader.




6. ISO Mounting

IOS data mounting feature will be integrated in Windows 8 and with this awesome feature there is no need to use third party program likes Virtual CloneDrive or Daemon Tools.

7. File Download Verification

File download verification already introduce by Microsoft In its internet browser IE and now it looks like that this splendid feature is going to be added in the upcoming Microsoft windows 8. With this feature, during downloading the smartscreen will come into play and it will indentify whether source URL known to distribute malware.

8. Aero Auto-Colorization

Aero Auto Colorization feature work like the same as Aura application works in for windows 7.  With Aero feature one can automatically change the windows theme colors depending upon the desktop wallpaper image you use.


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