Apple taking first step to iCloud with iTunes upgrade

| June 10, 2011

Apple inc. has just unveiled news about taking first step to iCloud with its iTunes. That counts as upgrading of the software to use iCloud with its iTunes agenda. The Automatic download on the user’s iDevices wirelessly and without syncing, is the leading feature of the new release of the iTunes in the Cloud Beta. The software can download new music, apps, and let the users buy book on their Apple devices.

The iTunes Page states about Apple’s Achievement for taking the step to iCloud with iTunes, in the following words:

“Say your coworker just recommended a new song. You download it on your computer at work, but on the ride home, you’re wishing you had that song on your iPod touch, too. Regardless of where you click or tap Buy, iTunes can automatically download your new songs, apps, and books to all your other devices over Wi-Fi or 3G.”

That certainly is appealing for the users of Apple’s Devices. The page further says about the upgraded iTunes software that

“It even works with the new iBookstore on your Mac or PC. So you can browse and purchase books on the big screen and start reading them right away on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.”

This upgraded software of iTunes can also download your past music purchases again at no additional cost. Your purchases are available in the iTunes Store on your PC or in the iTunes app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Previous purchases may be unavailable if they are no longer on the iTunes Store.

According to the updating news the page mentions that if you don’t want your iPad to automatically download everything you buy on your iPhone, just choose the things you do want to download, song by song, app by app, or book by book

It has also been reported that in order to completely put into practice all iCloud features, the users will have to wait for iTunes 10.5 and OS X 10.7 Lion.





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