Apple iOS 5 Firmware Features

| June 10, 2011

On June 6 of this year, there held a developers conference at San Francisco. In this conference Apple’s most up-to-date mobile operating system iOS 5 with its 200 new features was exposed. It had been decided that there would be no new hardware system this year as no iPhone 5 or 4S.

Hence it was confirmed to go for the Software Services and Updates only that include advanced iOS 5 services and free iCloud Services. The above-mentioned services were for iPhone 4 3GS iPod Touch 4 3G and iPad 1 2nd Generation.

Apple’s iOS 5 firmware has many grand features, given below:

  • Notification: We first talk about the foremost feature of Apple’s iOS 5 Firmware that is the new notification centre. Apple’s iOS 5 has come up with an interface quite similar in working to Mobile Notifier and also LockInfo Jailbreak App. This surely shows that Peter Hajas who later on was hired at Apple must have impressed Apple a lot by his developed concept about it.
  • Reminders: Feature that comes next is the reminders in iOS 5 Firmware. With the help of this feature users can set more than one reminders for different times of the day and can also notify the reminders at different locations. The reminders can be synced across the iDevices.  In the Apple’s iOS devices there is Geo-Location support that allows users to pre-configure the App to show a Pop-up notification at a certain time and place. The reminder feature of iOS 5 Firmware comes with this Geo-location Support.
  • Wi-Fi Sync : With this iOS 5 Firmware you would not at all need a PC system to connect with the USB cable. This would be done all wirelessly with the help of just internet. Also you will not require a Computer system to activate your igadget through iTunes. So it comes up to be a PC free Set Up.
  • Over The Air (OTA) : Another feature of iOS 5 Firmware is OTA. This is Over the Air Software Updates. You don’t have to upgrade Firmware through the iTunes rather you can upgrade iOS 5 Firmware via Wi-Fi or 3G. According to iPhone Dev team this will not affect the jail breaking working. You can also set up now the Windows Live Hotmail to the received and answers emails on your iPhone iPad and iPod Touch.
  • iMessage : Apple iMessage feature is one of the enhanced feature of iOS 5 Firmware. Messaging for iOS solely, this is going to be competitor of Blackberry Messenger. Turning the iMessage on causes no text charges to the other iOS devices.

The feature those are mentioned above for Apple’s iOS 5 Firmware are no doubt splendid ones. There are still some updates about iOS 5 Firmware, Apple has been working for.


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