How to use GPS in Android

| June 6, 2011

Android devices introduce the location manger system service that determines the location on the map. GPS in Android Devices is the global positioning system for finding exactly where you are anywhere in the world using satellites. GPS in an Android and the Google Map System work alike.


The article will tell you how to use a GPS in Android devices with Google maps. Android based GPS apps are really better than personal navigation devices. Now to start to use GPS , we must follow the following steps.

  • You can see that on your android device’s home screen there are different Android app icons. Select the Market app icon so that you open the Android Market.
  • Now at the Right Top side of your Android Device there is an option for searching symbolized by a magnifying glass. Tap the magnifying glass. Now use the search bar at the top of the Android machine to search the Google Maps.
  • Click the Google Maps icon and then click Install to install the Google Maps.
  • Launch the Google Maps app by clicking the icon on your Android device‚Äôs home screen to use the GPS Technology.
  • To locate your self through the GPS ,click on My Location icon from the launcher to use GPS to locate yourself on a map.
  • Select the Directions icon from the launcher to enter a destination and proceed with step-by-step directions.
  • Finally, select the search option so a text box appears type in it for searching the required location.

We can have a lot of information through this GPS app in Android machine like Most Points of Interest Live Traffic, street view of your destination, Satellite views Maps are very detailed and up to date.


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