How to Trace a lost IPhone and set it for spying

| June 3, 2011

The Apple is offering a free MobileMe service for its 4th generation iOS devices, which can help you trace your lost IPhone. The set up for tracing your IPhone is easy and only once to be set. When find my IPhone set up is turned on the application to trace the IDevice works at the background of the IPhone.

Tracing your iPhone device process works secretly. It does not appear in the multitasking switcher menu. Now when you are done with setting up this mobile me and trace the lost IPhone application, after the initial setup one can easily trace his lost IPhone and do the following tasks. As follows:

  • Send a message to your IPhone or play an alarming sound. That helps finding the lost Apple gadget.
  • Remove all the personal and private information so it is not used for any kind of wrong purpose.
  • You must put a passcode for locking your device.

Free MobileMe Services for the feature of Tracing out the Iphone:

Free MobileMe service  traces the lost iPhone 4 iPod Touch 4 iPad 1-2 and helps getting the lost IDevice back. Secondly its so useful for the spying purpose since this feature of Find My IPhone helps locating it.

To trace the lost IPhone you must having set up this Mobileme service on the iDevice login to  Use your Apple ID here. If it’s another iOS device then install free FindMyiPhone application from Appstore. Now you can begin to locate the lost iphone. Follow the instructions and proceed to trace your lost iPhone.

Now when you are logged in then you can see the registered device at the left sidebar. Then select the device you want to trace and MobileMe will go for locating it with the help of Wi-Fi and the techniques like GPS and coordinates those are sent by the service provider for tracing the lost iPhone.


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