Download UltraSurf – Secure Web Browsing

| May 19, 2011

UltraSurf is an incredible light software application that provides you a secure browsing experience when you surf the web. UltraSurf keeps your browser stop from saving information such as browsing history of visited sites and cookies.

UltraSurf does not require any installation and can be run directly from a USB device as well, which means it is easy to carry around in your USB drive and use it on any public computer. It is compatible with Windows Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, securing all of your internet activity so that third parties cannot see what you’ve been watching or doing online.

The only negative point of UltraSurf is that it is not easy to assure if the application is working properly, and as the default web browser is Internet Explorer, it is difficult to know if UltraSurf is doing its job fine when you switch to Mozilla Firefox.

Click here to download Ultra Surf for free.



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