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| May 10, 2011

Not much before, we had only audio conference calling, but with the progress of technology in the telecommunication industry we now as well have video conference calling. Here, we understand the real difference between and audio conference call setup and a video conference call setup.

Also, by the end of the article, we will hope for you to figure out which type of conference calling service setup is best suited according to your needs. To start off, lets have a look at the basics of conference calling. We already have discussed what a conference call is and how to set up a conference call. Conference call is basically a connection between two or more parties at distant points. The number of parties allowed to participate in a conference call depends upon the conference call service being used.

Moving on to audio conference calls, audio teleconference calls or ATCs are normally initiated when there is need for a few parties to actually speak in that call and the rest just to hear them. Audio teleconference calls could be used for business purpose as well as for party or group call. However, if the parties participating want each member to be able to speak in that particular conference call, they can do so by bridging the connection. This however might have some charge on the setup.

Audio teleconference calls allow only the voice to be transmitted to the part at the receiving end. Whereas, the video conference calling is almost like a virtual meeting setup. For a video conference call, all participating parties of the conference call must have a camera and a visual screen to view the video. Such type of conference calls are mostly used for business purposes where the office units are situated at distant points.

Both audio conference calling and video conference calling have the option of single way speech and two way speech. What actually you need to look out for is the price the conference calling service is charging you for each option you opt for.



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