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| May 8, 2011

So what is conference call? Conference call is a service or an activity through which distant parties can connect with each other over a telephone service or through internet conference call services. To further ellaborate a conference call service, lets assume there are three parties, X, Y and Z each at different locations. All three need to connect at same time. To do so, they will setup a conference call. They can either setup an audio conference call or use teleconference services to do so.

However, coming back to the primaray purpose of this article, we will let you know about a few steps in choosing a perfect conference call service for yourself. For that following are a few steps you should take care of:

  • First and foremost, expect the number of participants to be a part of a conference call. Although, there can be as many participants as you want to be, but then again it all depends on the conference call service you will be using, and it might restrict you to a count.
  • Next you should see if you require a recording facility in your conference call. There are times in a business conference call, that you require the entire conference conversation to be saved for the record.
  • Test the conference call service you are about to utilize for your conference call. See if the conference all service has some free conference calling features or does it allow any toll free conference calling.

Based on such criteria, you will able to figure out how to make a conference call using  a particular sort of conference calling service.


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