How to Remove Orange Menu Button from Firefox 4

| March 31, 2011 | 0 Comments

Recently Mozilla has released latest version of its remarkable web browser, Firefox 4. The console of latest Firefox 4 is really cool and appealing. Firefox 4 is fully equipped with numerous new features and functionalities. There is an orange menu button placed at top left corner of the Firefox 4 web browser.

This orange menu button is not appealing to eyes and your first reaction would have to remove this orange menu button. There is no built-in option to remove or disable this orange menu button from Firefox 4 web browser, but I have come across a free Firefox 4 add-on that will do exactly what you want. The free Firefox 4 extension “App Button Remove” is an effective free add-on for Mozilla Firefox 4 web browser that allows you “Remove the orange Firefox 4 menu button from the title bar”. All you need to do is install this free Firefox 4 extension and the orange menu button will be removed instantly. Press “Alt” to get quick access to the Firefox 4 menu bar.


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