Download Free AVG Antivirus for Android Devices

| March 2, 2011

Got an android widget (Mobile phones, tablet devices, smart phone, etc)? If yes, then you may be interested in some free antivirus program that can keep your device secure from viruses and malwares.  Here is a free version of AVG antivirus designed specifically for android devices. AVG antivirus for android devices is based on Droid Security, a company which was acquired by AVG in November 2010. Droid Security is known best for cloud based mobile security. Moreover, Droid Security is solely revolved about protecting smart phones, tablets and other devices running on the Google Android operating system.  With over 4.5 million Android widgets have downloaded Droid Security, it will make the AVG android antivirus become most famous Antivirus for Android devices, and its free. With the help of free AVG android antivirus you’ll be able to scan apps for malware before downloading them from app stores, locate lost or stolen device using GPS and much more.

Listed below are complete features of Free AVG Antivirus for Android Devices:

  • Scan, identify and remove viruses with a simple click.
  • Automatic scans features.
  • Scans apps before downloading from app stores.
  • Scans website content, emails and SMS before downloading to device.
  • Locate lost or stolen android widgets using GPS.
  • Create and display message on screen remotely.
  • Lock device and wipe content.
  • Manage applications remotely.
  • Basic protection from SMS Spammers.

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