Top 10 Best Free Email Programs for Windows

| January 13, 2011

Microsoft Windows 7 makes you searching an email program, perhaps the best free email program for Microsoft Windows, of course? It doesn’t exist. However there are numerous best free email programs are available and out of those free email programs for windows, at least one may be perfect for you.

Here is a list of some of the best in the business email programs for Microsoft Windows, go through the list and scrutinize which email program is best suited for you. Discovering your best free email program will surely be a lot of fun!

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1. Mozilla Thunderbird – Free Windows Email Program

Mozilla Thunderbird is equipped with many useful features. This free window email program is relatively protected and very functional email client. Mozilla Thunderbird is also an RSS feed reader. It allows you to manage your emails efficiently and with various styles. Moreover, it filters junk emails automatically.

2. Windows Live Mail – Free Windows Email Program

Microsoft Windows Live Mail is a best-situated email program that permits you to access IMAP, POP and Windows Live Hotmail accounts with vitality and aspiration to connect with Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Calendar, blog and also RSS news feeds. Windows Live Mail provides strong junk e-mail filters, quick search and a couple of ready-made search folders, but there is a room to do even better in assisting you organize and manage your emails.

3. Opera – Free Windows Email Program

The Opera email program is a crafty and easy interface that will live up to your all email needs. It also supports RSS feeds. You may find the message editor deficient a little in power, and the lack of support for encrypted email is unfortunate.

4. Pegasus Mail – Free Windows Email Program

Pegasus Mail is a free window email program with most powerful features. It is amongst the most secure and by and large the best email programs available for Windows, but the user interface require some refining to make its features more approachable.

5. IncrediMail – Free Windows Email Program

IncrediMail is basically a fun way to access your email client. IncrediMail is a relatively easy to use email program that adds bit extra spice to the email messages you sends while keeping them secure from any possible spams. Regrettably, IncrediMail misses some productivity features when it comes to dealing with large amount of emails.

6. Mulberry – Free Windows Email Program

Mulberry is another powerful and unbelievably different email client available for all the popular platforms including Microsoft Windows. If there’s something which Mulberry misses, then it’s easiness.

7. Foxmail – Free Windows Email Program

Foxmail is a nice e-mail client with lots of incredible features that make email easy and fun. Unluckily, it does not support IMAP accounts and its message editor misses some basic text formatting tools.

8. Eudora – Free Windows Email Program

Eudora is a classic, incredible, flexible and effective e-mail client that forces out junk e-mail accurately. Leverage the statistical junk e-mail filter to manage non-spam emails would be nice, though.

9. DreamMail – Free Windows Email Program

DreamMail organizes email and RSS feeds conveniently and handsomely with stationery, labels and related message search. Regrettably, international language support is very limited, DreamMail’s junk e-mail filter appears to be ineffective, and IMAP accounts are also not supported.

10. Alpine – Free Windows Email Program

Alpine is a great e-mail program that makes you use email productively with automation.


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