Are we Excessively Taken up With Facebook? | Infographic

| January 13, 2011

Facebook is unarguably the largest social networking website in the world today with the user base of over 50 million worldwide. Facebook profiles are just like belly buttons: Everybody’s got one. By giving this statement, I might have overstated here but if you look at the Facebook statistics, the internet users around the world are becoming more and more obsessed with Facebook by every passing day.

One out of every 13 person living on earth and 3 out of every 4 Americans is using Facebook. Moreover, one out of 26 signed into Facebook on a daily basis. I can start writing on such facts and figures until the cows come home but alternatively I’d like to show you this incredible and absorbing infographic from reliable web sources. This infographic will give you some main highlights and stats about the usage of Facebook during the past year, number of people joined and much more.

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Take your time going through this graphic information and give your precious comments to let us know what you think about this massive and increasing captivation with Facebook.


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