All New Google Chrome OS Arriving

| December 31, 2010

Google Chrome OS has been brought out very recently which is an open source, Linux-based OS made by Google. Google brought out its Google Chrome OS beta version recently which is a lightweight, open source operating system. Most of the user experience on the internet and Google Chrome OS will at the start be aimed at notebooks. That’s to say, Google Chrome OS running on top of a Linux Kernel within a new windows based system as the platform, and it runs on ARM processors and x86 processors.

Google also announced the launch of Chrome Web Store. Chrome OS taking the Chrome operating system to go online altogether. Besides, Chrome interface also take the resembling of the Chrome Web Browser, and it going to incorporate web apps into the operating system deeper than ever we have seen before. Google Chrome OS is basically being based around preexisting web services such as Google Docs. There are also other applications that going to be no conventional. Google Chrome OS is the center of most people experience. Besides, Google software security engineer has discussed Chrome OS security that will reduce malware exposure by a “hardened” operating system featuring auto-updating.

Google also tend to create services called Google Cloud Printing that can help application on any device to print on any printer. Besides, the printing method does not require any other drivers; therefore it will be suitable for printing from Google Chrome OS.


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