List of Top 50 Free WordPress Themes of 2010

| December 20, 2010

I have written a similar article couple of months back when I listed 35 best free WordPress themes for bloggers but as the year 2010 comes to its end, it’s time to initiate a year end round up and in compliance to this I have compiled a large list of top 50 best free WordPress themes for year 2010. These WordPress themes were ranked best amongst rest of the WordPress themes in 2010.

Getting a free WordPress theme is always been on higher demand as you don’t need to pay anything for this. All the listed WordPress themes in this post are undoubtedly the best with amazing layout designs and several valuable features. You can design any type of blog using these WordPress themes such as business blog, design blog, tutorials blogs, technology blogs, photography blogs and much more. All these themes are creative, high-quality and much better than some of the paid WordPress themes available in the market.

I hope you’ll like the collection and value the work of designers for their marvelous work.

1) Element

2) Workfolio WordPress Themes

3) coffee-blog-ultimate-solution

4) Fresh Blog

5) Calypso

6) designPile

7) SkyLight

8 ) Brave Zeenat

9) Blue News

10) Shaken and Stirred Themes

11) Structure Theme

12) Katana

13) Theme Magaling

14) Zengi

15) Dimenzion WordPress Theme

16) Imbalance

17) Monte Cristo

18) Bleach Desu

19) WP Theme

20) Ink and wash

21) Blissful Blog

22) TopzGlow

23) Florance

24) Webslee

25) Buy Now Shop

26) Recipy

27) SimpleFolio

28) iMobile

29) Notes of Life

30) Design Ora

31) FNext

32) Mensa Theme

33) Mkels WP Theme

34) Simplo

35) BigSquare

36) Work-A-Holic

37) BlueBubble

38) Viewport

39) Portfolium free wordpress theme

40) WordPress Theme Carolina

41) Argonoid

42) Sight – Free WordPress Theme

43) BonBon Theme

44) WordPress Theme iMusic

45) Jocasta

46) Suburbia

47) Banedict

48) Vanadiumitic

49) Newspress

50) Mr Pixel


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