Skype for Android now works on Samsung Galaxy S

| December 14, 2010

Skype is amongst the best software application to make voice calls over the internet for free. All Skype to Skype calls are absolutely free. Skype is a complete internet telephony system. Skype is available for both computer and mobile devices including Skype for Android devices.

According to company’s official blog, Skype have updated its Android app and now users can enjoy the leisure of Skype calling on their Samsung Galaxy S. The device should be running Android OS 2.2 or later. All the relevant information on how to update Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone is available on the Samsung website. Moreover, you can now store your Skype app on your phone’s SD card. If you store the Skype app on your SD card, the data Skype uses while the Skype app is running is still stored on the internal memory of your phone. The update is expected to take around 15MB of space.


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