New VaultPress Security Scanning in WordPress

| November 30, 2010

VaultPress is the standalone security and backup service built on the Automatic grid that dependably assists over 15.1 million blogs powered by and over 270 million active monthly visitors.

Amongst the main objectives for VaultPress is adopt as much of the guessing work out of protecting your WordPress site as possible. In this intent, they have just enabled an all new security feature for all of its premium customers. The new security features is WordPress core file scanner.

VaultPress detects which version of WordPress your site is running. For each specific version of WordPress, VaultPress know what the MD5 checksum for each of the core files should be (an MD5 checksum is a kinda digital finger mark for a file, that can be used to corroborate the integrity of that file).

The new core file scanner scans your WordPress website and does the following:

  1. Checks that each of the expected core files exists
  2. Checks the MD5 checksum of each file
  3. Stores information about each file from PHP’s stat () function
  4. Scans all 750+ WordPress core files.

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