Automatically Setup Microsoft Outlook 2010 by Outlook AutoConfig

| November 30, 2010

Microsoft Outlook 2010 is the widely used and best email client on the cyberspace. Microsoft Outlook 2010 is bunched up in Microsoft Windows operating systems and virtually everybody has used it at least once. Microsoft Outlook 2010 is very powerful, easily configurable and on top of all, it’s absolutely free. Nevertheless, if you prefer to setup and configure an e-mail account with it you may come across some problems which include too many settings, setting server ports and configuring POP and SMTP options.

It’s just about impossible to have a working e-mail account able to download e-mails on your PC on your very first attempt! This tutorial is about a remarkable utility, Outlook AutoConfig which helps you to automatically setup Microsoft Outlook 2010 and have your Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail working in a couple of easy steps.

Outlook AutoConfig is absolutely free and is capable to do amazing things with Microsoft Outlook 2010. You just need to enter your email address, your name, your e-mail client, your username and password and you’re done. Your e-mail account is fully working on your computer email client!


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