Use WordPress Antivirus Plug-in to Protect your Blog

| November 24, 2010

WordPress is the most used blogging platform in the world. WordPress is famous due to its easy interface, large variety of themes and countless other features which makes WordPress a No.1 choice for bloggers to set-up their blog website. Earlier versions of WordPress doesn’t have a built-in Antivirus plug-in, however the most latest version of WordPress is now equipped with WordPress Antivirus Plug-in. WordPress Antivirus can protect your blog efficaciously and with efficiency from Viruses, worms, spam and malware exist for WordPress. WordPress Antivirus plug-in is absolutely free and is very easy to install.

Features of WordPress Antivirus Plug-in

  • It can detect the current WordPress permalink back door.
  • You can do manual testing with immediate result of the infected files.
  • It provides daily automatic check with email notifications.
  • It has a support for the following languages: English, German, Italian, Persian.

How to install WordPress Antivirus Plug-in on your Blog

  • Download WordPress Antivirus plug-in
  • Unzip the downloaded file. It will create antivirus folder.
  • Upload the folder antivirus into./wp-content/plugins/
  • Go to tab Plug-in and then Activate Antivirus plug-in
  • Edit settings. WordPress Antivirus plug-in ready for use.

You can download WordPress antivirus plug-in here:


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