5 Things Apple Should Fix in iPhone 5

| November 3, 2010

Although Apple iPhone 4 is the greatest hit since its launch back in July this year, there are various problems reported by many users and one of the most common issues reported in Apple iPhone 4 is antenna problem. That the reason why Apple not to withdraw iPhone 4 with antenna problem may consists high cost. Apple should fix all the known bugs reported in previous versions of its record breaking and revolutionary iPhone in its upcoming proposed iPhone 5.

Here are 5 factors Apple should look in before finalizing iPhone 5.

1- Increased Storage Space: The storage capacity of Apple devices is always the main factor Apple concentrate on. Even so, for increasing number of users, storage space of Apple device is to become a major concern. Realistically, Apple iPhone 5g at the least needs a 1.5GHz processor. Current Apple device, HD videos, the Retina Display screen and the iPhone 4 camera taking much bigger pictures, all will latch on a lot of space. Thus, when it refers to iPhone 5, it reckoned to have as is display screen, but a better camera and heightened video recording.

2- Improved Battery Life: No doubt that iPhone 4 has a better battery life than iPhone 3G, though, how much better it is when an iOS device has a battery display that hardly updates? So, we need a long lasting battery in iPhone 5.

3- Better iPhone Speakers: it’s a shame that iPhone loudspeakers have always been scraggy. For iPhone users who would like to use it as a portable media player, it requires update. So, iPhone 5 is reckoned to be powered with much better iPhone speakers.

4- Improved Lock Screen: The current Apple iPhone iOS lock screen enables users to specify a screen background as well as displays the date and time. While, iOS 5, is speculated to offer additional information, such as the subjects of recent e-mails, contacts and forthcoming calendar appointments etc.

5- Better Back-ups: while Apple assured a great deal about greater ability of Apple iOS for games, problems come out when users making some setting. For example, after deleting Peggle by mistake and, to use a Steve Jobs term, ‘boom’: all the progress is gone. Therefore, in order to restore the game settings during an app reinstall, iOS 5 should offer a non-rational way.


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