How to Automatically Run Disk Cleanup in Windows 7

| October 29, 2010

Disk Cleanup utility is a cracking little application which allows you to clean your Microsoft Windows 7 from all sort of computer scrap such as: temporary Internet files, documents remnants and deleted files etc. In order to run disk cleanup utility you’ve to click Start and type in the Search field: cleanmgr.exe which will open the utility. But how about automating the whole process and avoid the hassle of manually opening the disk cleanup utility. The following article will show exactly that, you can easily set disk cleanup to automatically run on your computer.

  • Click Start.
  • Type cmd in the search field and press Enter.
  • This will open command prompt.
  • Type cleanmgr /sageset:1 in the Command Prompt and press enter.
  • Once you’ve acquired access to the full Disk Cleanup utility, select the folder you wish to clean.
  • Click OK.

Now schedule the Disk Cleanup to run automatically at a specific time of your choice.

  • Click Start.
  • Click All Programs
  • Click Accessories
  • Click System Tools
  • Click Task Scheduler, from the right-pane.
  • Give any name click the Next button.
  • Select how often you want to automatically run Disk Cleanup and click the Next button.
  • Set other parameters.
  • Select Start a Program and click next.
  • Now, click the browse button and look for the program named cleanmgr, and double click it.
  • In the Add Argument (optional) box, type: /sagerun:1 and click Next.
  • Click Finish.

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