Top 5 Best Toolbars for your Web Browser

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Toolbar is referred to as the easiest way to access certain options in Microsoft windows and web browsers etc. Toolbar is basically a GUI integrated in your operating system in form of a row or column with quick access icons of certain options and applications. You can always manage your toolbars as per your needs. This article will render top 5 best toolbars for your web browsers.

1- Google Toolbar: Google Toolbar is a web browser toolbar compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

2- AOL Toolbar: AOL Toolbar another toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. AOL Toolbar is equipped with search, email, instant messaging, audio/video, games and radio buttons.

3- MSN Toolbar: MSN Toolbar is a toolbar specifically designed as part of Microsoft’s MSN wide array of services. The MSN toolbar is powered by Microsoft Silverlight, which permits extra boasts such as the drop-down MSN channel trailers, displaying the most recent content from inside the MSN portal site without asking the user to move from the web page they’re presently browsing.

4- Yahoo! Toolbar: Yahoo! Toolbar is a toolbar that sets up on the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox web browsers, within the context of web access functions. It grants access to numerous functions, including Yahoo! Search and Yahoo! Mail. It also controls inbuilt algorithms to stop pop-ups and spyware.

5- Windows Live Toolbar: Windows Live Toolbar is a toolbar specifically configured as part of Microsoft’s Windows Live series of services. It is the replacement to MSN Search Toolbar. It also includes Windows Desktop Search which runs in the background and indexes all files and e-mails.


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