Check out Microsoft Windows 7 Virtual PC BIOS utility

| September 27, 2010

Windows Virtual PC is one of the most electrifying and enchanting feature in Microsoft Windows 7. Windows 7 Virtual PC allows user to run Microsoft Windows XP operating System on their personal computer virtually under a virtual environment. This Windows XP virtual machine runs like a real computer enabling you to enjoy all the remarkable utilities, software and features a real physical computer has got. Amongst all those features, BIOS is of real importance. BIOS in computer system is termed as Basic Input/output System utility.

However, Microsoft Windows 7 Virtual PC is powered with AMIBIOS, thus in order to run the BIOS utility on Windows XP virtual PC using Windows 7 you have to turn off the integration features on temporarily basis. Below is a step by step guide to turn off the integration features.

  • Start the virtual machine where you want to gain access to the BIOS utility from.
  • On the window, in the menu bar, click Tool.
  • Now, click Disable Integration Features.
  • In the menu bar, click Action.
  • Now, Select Restart to reboot your virtual machine.
  • During the boot up, the virtual machine, acting like a real computer, will perform a power-on self-test, a diagnostic check to see if everything is all right.
  • During such a check, press Delete key in order to access BIOS Setup Utility.

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