3 Remarkable Google Chrome Extensions for Twitter

| September 6, 2010

In my earlier post related to Twitter, I have discussed 5 Top Free Twitter Tools to Schedule Tweets for Future. Twitter is rated as one of the top most and most used social networking website in the world. In fact Twitter and Facebook are basically ruling the social networking and micro blogging world with the user followings of over 40 million people though Twitter and Facebook differs slightly in services.

Twitter enables users to send and receive twitter messages known as tweets to the people they know and establish a communication via these tweets. Twitter has become a substantial requirement for virtually all internet users to keep themselves updated with all the happenings around and to keep updated with Twitter. For more easy use of Twitter services through web browsers you need to have some of the extensions specifically designed for Twitter. Below are three remarkable Twitter extensions for Google Chrome web browser.

1- Chromed Bird: – Chromed Bird is one of the best extensions to manage your Twitter account in Google Chrome. With the help of this excellent extension you can easily follow your timeline, compose, edit, re-tweet, share, delete and favorite tweets. Moreover, you can also create and manage customize search queries, preview images, links and much more. This extension will add a Twitter icon to Google Chrome’s address bar.

2- Twitter Share this Page: – Twitter Share this Page is nifty Google Chrome extension which enables you to share web pages on twitter.

3- Yoono: – Yoono is another useful Google Chrome extension which has all social networking and IM services compatible with it. Yoono enables you to manage Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Gtalk, Msn and many other social networking services.


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