How to Download Tagged Facebook Photos

| August 26, 2010

Facebook is the largest social networking website in terms of its user base. Over 40 million people are using Facebook for different purposes. You can connect with your friends, share pictures, music, videos, play games, advertise your business and much more using Facebook. This article is mainly revolving around playing with pictures on Facebook. Generally you can upload pictures to Facebook or download from it using Facebook’s interface, but there are other third party application through which your purpose can be served. Bloom is a nifty application through which you can upload and download Facebook photos, but this application doesn’t work well when it comes to download your photos tagged by your Facebook friends.

However, to get this work done, I got my hands on a nifty and free application called PhotoGrabber. PhotoGrabber doesn’t support uploading pictures to Facebook, but it does enable you to download tagged Facebook photos in very quick and easy manner. Follow the simple steps below to know how to download tagged Facebook Photos.

  • Download and install PhotoGrabber.
  • After completing the installation process, run the application.
  • Click the blue login button.

  • Authenticate the application to make it work with your Facebook profile. In your web browser, it will ask you for permissions to allow PhotoGrabber to access to your profile and friends list.
  • Click Allow, close your web browser and return to the application.

  • Click “I want to download” button.

  • You will be directed to your entire contact list in PhotoGrabber.
  • Click the name of the person whose tagged photos you wish to download, and click on begin download button.

  • Select the folder you wish to save your photographs and click OK.

PhotoGrabber will download and save the tagged photographs on your local disk. PhotoGrabber will make separate folder for each friend to organize them easily later on.


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