5 Awesome Tools to Scan Websites for Viruses and Malware

| August 24, 2010

Cyberspace is fully loaded with many harmful websites. Antivirus softwares installed on your computer may sometimes detect those harmful websites but if it unable to detect and notify you regarding any harmful websites than your computer might be at risk to get affected by malicious malware and other virus attacks. However, there is a remedy for every solution and so is for this as well, I have listed five awesome tools that will help you scan any website for secure browsing.

1. McAfee Site Advisor: – McAfee Site Advisor scans websites for all type of spywares, spams and malicious viruses for secure web browsing. It adds safety ratings to your web browser and search results render by search engine.

2. Unmask Parasites: – Unmask Parasites is a simple and free online tool that helps you bring out the hidden harmful content that cyberpunks insert into certain web pages by exploiting different security exposures of the web site. Unmask Parasites also lets you to know if any website has been hacked and contaminated with parasites and spams.

3. Finjan Malware Scanner: – Finjan Malware Scanner is another free online toll for effective URL analysis. Finjan Malware Scanner scans websites for spyware, phishing scam and malware.

4. vURL Online: – vURL free online toll which lets you analyze harmful and distrusted websites very quickly. vURL enables you to view the source code of the website without really having to visit it.

5. SiteTruth: – SiteTruth is a free website rating online toll that enables you to check whether the website is legitimate, fake or scam.


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