3 Free Tools to Sync MS Office Files to The Cloud

| August 23, 2010

There are various online Microsoft Office suites are available for free. These MS Office suites are indeed very useful and are improving continuously, but still there are some limitations when it comes to provide formatting features and work offline functionality. In the era where the world is aiming for the proverbial Cloud and the user needs to share documents, there is a need for effectively manage and share Microsoft Office documents over the internet. This article will survey the purpose by introducing three best tools to Synchronize Microsoft Office Documents to the Cloud.

1- OffiSync: – OffiSync is an additional add-in for Microsoft Office that enables you to easily sync your Microsoft Office documents with Google Docs. OffiSync provides real time collaboration, features like “open from” and “save to” Google Docs and much more. OffiSync is compatible with MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint from 2003 to 2010 Microsoft Office suites.

2- Zoho Writer: – Zoho Writer is another add-in for Microsoft Office which associates MS Word and MS Excel to Zoho Writer. Zoho Writer works well with .doc and .xls files only.

3- Skydrive: – Skydrive is Microsoft’s latest virtual space offer. Microsoft Skydrive provides 25GB of online space but with certain limitations. Microsoft Office 2010 is already fully integrated with Office Live and Skydrive, However users of older versions of MS Office will have to upload files via Windows Live account.


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