Top Ten Mozilla Firefox Add-ons

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Mozilla Firefox web browser is one of the most famous and widely used web browsers. It is equipped with many powerful features which come by default with it. However, along with its default features, Mozilla Firefox web browser supports many additional Add-ons to add to its functionalities. These Add-ons are free for use with Mozilla Firefox web browser and are easy to install and use.

Below is the list of Top 10 Add-ons that you can use with Mozilla Firefox web browser!

1: Adblock Plus:- If you’re irritated by online advertisements, distracted by tracking or annoyed by banners and want to get rid of all these than all you need to do is Install Adblock Plus to virtually retrieve control of the internet and change the way that you view the web.

2: Blueorganizer:- Blueorganizer is developed by Adaptive Blue and it is a small Add-on for organizing the information that you discovered on internet.

3: Clipmarks:- Clipmarks is an effective social bookmarking Add-on.

4: CoolirisA Firefox extension which gives previews of Google image search results from inside the search results page.

5: Download Statusbar:- It is a powerful Firefox extension for managing your web downloads.

6: FoxyTunes:- FoxyTunes is a music player tool for your Firefox web browser.

7: Greasemonkey:- This Mozilla Firefox Add-on is a unique tool which lets you sent your JavaScript to be sent on top of any website.

8: JAJAH:- JAJAH provides the functionality of making cheap phone calls throughout the world right from your Firefox web browser. This remarkable Add-on is named as a killer VOIP tool.

9: Map+:- Map+ populates Yahoo! Map of any address that you may highlight on a web page.

10: Forecastfox:- Forecastfox is a weather Add-on for your Mozilla Firefox web browser.


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