What about Yahoo conference call using Yahoo Messenger?

| July 13, 2010

Yahoo is one of the most popular IM and email solutions I have ever seen in the web. I personally believe that they are an authority in Instant Messenger realm but they not only provide an IM solution to their users and customers. Yahoo has a wide range of products and services so that you can stay connected with your real world. Yahoo provides to their customers an advanced Yahoo conference call and is considered one of the most reputable conference call providers. As matter as fact, depending on the plan you sign with them, you will have unlimited conference calls during a whole year without having to pay monthly fees. As is common in all the IM solutions –such as Google Voice, AOL, Windows Live Messenger and Skype— this company provide Yahoo conference calling –an amazing video calling service—that make you enjoy of high-quality call while you are watching the people you want to reach.

Despite of this, you can see your friend’s updates –things they are doing in Flickr, Twitter—just having a Yahoo Messenger account. Installing Yahoo Messenger is very easy and you don’t need be an expert installing computer programs. You must have a valid Yahoo email account to complete the installation process and be ready to make your first Yahoo conference call. According to the opinion of several Yahoo users I have found the Yahoo conference calling have a unique quality and if you have a decent Internet connection you will enjoy of all the features Yahoo is offering for free.

When you are using Yahoo Messenger you are able to make PC-to-phone calls for just 1 cent a minute and you know that PC-to-PC phones has an incredible sound quality and they are for free. The revolution of VoIP calls has made communication around the world cheaper and efficient. In addition, with Yahoo conference call you can integrate –as its competitors- your webcam and even use the media player that is in the program for the presentation of videos and media files you need to share while you are having the Yahoo conference call. Finally, I think you can test this amazing tool that can boost your small business and empower your personal relationship with all kind of contacts you have overseas. Also, you will have the opportunity to share SMS text messages through your BlackBerry, iPhone or any other cell phone supporting SMS technology.


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