Making conference calls via Skype Conference call services

| June 16, 2010

Skype is the most suitable way to make long distance calls to keep you in touch with customers, family and friends. I don’t know other tool with flexibility and control Skype gives you. As most of us know, Skype is one of the largest online communication solutions of the world. It is absolutely possible make Skype conference calls through the free conference call services they have. You can make toll free conference calls for small business purpose as well as personal reasons. I would like to give you some important advices about how you can get the most out of Skype as a wonderful free conference call service.

Installing Skype for free: Want you enjoy of the Skype’s free conference call services? The first step in this process is that you should to install the Skype software so that you can start using this efficient tool. The Skype’s installation is a very straightforward process where you have to set a user name and password so that everything can work fine. If you have a decent internet connection you will have this software installed and ready to use within 5 minutes.

What can I do with Skype? In the official website you will have detailed information about how you can make tool free conference call to any country around the world and you can make long distance PC-to-PC calls with friends and contacts you have in your list. Your user name and passwords is necessary to make connection with other points around the world that also have a Skype account. In the case you want to make phone calls –to exiting phone numbers oversea and locally—you will have to pay a low fee for that but it always is lower than the conventional rate you pay to your phone provider.

Other features from Skype: One of the most significant things you can get from Skype is that it gives you all the common services you can see in other companies such as Yahoo, Google Voice and Windows Live Messenger. As matter as fact, they provide an enhanced service providing you an online number –to receive calls from cell phones and landlines—and also you can active a SMS plan to send and receive text messages everywhere you are located around the world.


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