Mosaic | A very first web browser

| June 8, 2010

Mosaic web browser is ascribed by many computer technology pundits as a main reason that initiated the internet boom in last decade. Mosaic web browser is a computer software application which made the World Wide Web progressively popular and crucial. Mosaic web browser is known for revolutionizing the World Wide Web.

Mosaic web browser was featured with user friendly interface, dependability, Microsoft Windows port and quite simple installation. Mosaic web browser is also termed as the first most web browser to integrate images in line with the text. Mosaic web browser, a very first graphical web browser was came before the less famous Erwise and Violawww browsers. It was developed by the students of Illinois University in 1993 at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. Although it’s been thirteen years since the development of Mosaic was discontinued but you can still download Mosaic web browser from NCSA website.

Many functionalities of Mosaic web browser such as graphical user interface and synergistic experience are still retained in today’s most popular web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.


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