AdWords Editor | Manage your Google Ads

| June 4, 2010

Google AdWords editor is a standalone desktop application that can be used to manage your Google ads. You can download AdWords editor for free. AdWords editor is a unique Google tool that can be used to edit ad users and ad group quite easily. AdWords editor proved to be very handy if you opt for Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

AdWords editor allows you to download the contents of your AdWords account to you computer and lets you make quick changes through its easy interface, then upload the new content to your AdWords account.

AdWords editor allows you to make bulk changes to your existing AdWords account. You can also use copy and paste feature to almost any entity (be it a single keyword or entire ad campaign). With the help of AdWords editor you can change any text in keywords and ad copy by executing global search. Easy and user friendly interface of AdWords editor lets you browse through your AdWords account quickly and easily. You can work offline on AdWords editor and then upload the changes to your AdWords account.

The latest version of AdWords editor is 7.6.1. Some new features added in AdWords editor 7.6.1 are Ad scheduling and advanced location targeting. To download free AdWords editor, click here.


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