Yahoo! email to emerge as more social

| June 2, 2010

Yahoo! email to emerge as more social. Yahoo! is cautiously making its path to grow more with Twitter-like social networking features on Yahoo! email service. While doing so, Yahoo! is working on avoiding security errors made by Google in Google Buzz and the market leader Facebook.

Almost two years back, Yahoo released updates to let users share about their lives, cerebrations or activities at Yahoo email service interface, like emailing and instant messaging, though at that time sharing was limited.

News is, that Yahoo is working on expanding social networking related features in its email service that may include yahoo messenger updates and contacts updates. Speaking about the news, Yahoo spokesman Anne Toth and Cody Simms said that this will be a great step forward as we will also allow users to share their stories in Facebook, Twitter and MySpace etc. By the side lines of this announcement, Yahoo is also urging its users to cleverly manage the privacy controls, so that they can clearly know what information gets shared with whom. With easy privacy controls, you can easily limit those people who can access you updates stream. Anne Toth and Cody Simms are head of privacy controls at yahoo.

Yahoo is emphasizing more on privacy because of privacy errors in Google Buzz, which makes Google to modify Buzz and importantly Facebook. Immense criticism on its privacy controls and privacy flaws over the last couple of months forced Facebook to revise its Privacy policy. Facebook have finally implements new privacy settings last week and there were mixed user’s opinions on Facebook’s privacy revision.


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