How to Blog with Microsoft Word 2007

| June 2, 2010

Microsoft Office offers remarkable tools such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel for compilation of documents, presentations and spread sheets etc. Underlining Microsoft Word here, this always has been an outstanding tool for composing documents. Microsoft has added another unique feature in Microsoft Word 2007, which is indeed a no exception. Along with all the useful features in its older versions, Word 2007 is added with an additional feature of using Microsoft word as a tool for blogging. If you want to publish your articles to your blog website, you can easily do so with the help of word 2007.

In this article, I have listed steps by which you can use Word 2007 as a tool for blogging. Follow the simple instructions below to get your hands on blogging through Microsoft word 2007.

– Open a new Word document and click on new blog post.

– A new document will open, with blogging tools. Click on Manage Account.

– A new dialogue box will appear, click on New.

– Select your blog provider from the drop down list.

– Click Next

– Enter Blog post URL e.g., “” and your account information (Username and Password). You can also set Picture Options as Word 2007 also supports picture uploading.

– Click OK, and you are finish with registering your account.

– Now you can start writing your article, and when finish just click on Publish.

With the help of Word 2007 blogging feature, you can also add categories to your posts.


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