Facebook to revise its Privacy policy

| May 23, 2010

Sources have confirmed the news that Facebook is working on rendering new policy amendments in its Privacy domain. According to Facebook’s spokesman, the company will introduce new privacy changes shortly. The revised Privacy recommendations will be easier for users to understand. It is not confirmed that Facebook will incorporate privacy changes that some Privacy pundits have asked for.

Facebook is incorporating changes that they feel users will be more flexible with, like comprehensive privacy controls which are easier to understand and use. Users also want refined and easy privacy options when it comes to share information through facebook or external websites and applications.

The changes that Facebook is planning to incorporate in its Privacy domain are the results of Facebook’s meetings over user feedbacks, held during last few weeks in U.S and many other countries. Facebook is widely known for its new ideas for sharing stuff online and is working hard to get famous on other areas as well including, enhanced user controls, easier privacy settings.


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