New look for MSN Mobile

| May 17, 2010

Microsoft is in the process of giving New looks to few of its online service applications. In this effort, Microsoft has already made a new design for its most renowned MSN internet portal site. The new look MSN internet portal was publicized few months ago. There is always a resistance to change, and so many people liked the new design of MSN web portal while many others have criticized according to their mind set. The new MSN web portal was modified with new msn logo, larger photos, whitish and more cleaner interface, more options for Bing, enhanced integration for facebook, twitter, MySpace and other major social-networks, more videos and broader focus on updated local news.

Beside MSN web portal, Microsoft has brought another change and this time to its Mobile application “MSN Mobile”. Although MSN mobile is not highly equipped with features as its normal web portal, but this new looks MSN mobile is merely a reflection of proper web portal of MSN.


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