Apple’s Future Products after iPad!

| May 13, 2010

Apple is famous around the Globe for its revolutionary products in the field of Computer software and Hardware and other electronic products such as Mobile phone and music players. Ever since when it is established in 1976, company has transformed the IT world with its record breaking and magical products in both hardware and software, such as Mac OS, Macintosh PC, iPod touch devices, iPhone and most recently iPad.

Talking about iPad, It attracts mixed attention of consumers from around the globe shortly after
Mr. Steve Jobs (Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc.) announced the anxiously awaited iPad launch earlier this year. No doubt that iPad enjoys record sales in its first week of launch but one element which most people points out is that iPad is just like holding a big iPhone.

Anyhow, the consumers have taken this comparison between iPhone and iPad a little further ahead, imagining what could be the next few revolutionary devices from Apple?

and the answer is iBoard and iMat…! Awesome isn’t it?


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