Verizon to make tablet computer with Google’s Software

| May 12, 2010

Tuesday: Mr. Lowell McAdam, Chief Executive Officer of Verizon Wireless, has announced publically that Verizon is planning to launch a tablet computer with some Google software running on it, however there was no time line given regarding the release of tablet computer.

McAdam, while speaking to Wall Street Journal has further explains Verizon’s plans that “we are looking broadly at all Google products that can run on our tablet to give users an exceptional experience.” Along with unclear time line, it is also not clear that which Google software Verizon is targeting. Whether they are to choose Google’s Android OS, Chrome OS or may be some Google applications running on tablet computer.

This is not the first time that you see Verizon and Google’s name together, in fact the two companies had undergoes a partnership deal last year to co-developing Android based mobile phone devices. The impression that Google and Verizon both are heading down towards developing a tablet computer will surprise many, as last month New York Times broke out the news that Google is also making its way towards developing a slate-style Android running tablet computer: The path which Apple initiated by launching revolutionary iPad. Few companies have already make their plans clear regarding the development of tablet and many other will jump into the market following Apple’s iPad launch.

Nvidia who is the world leader in visual computing technologies demonstrated an Android tablet running on Verizon’s network at Consumer Electric Show earlier this year, but Verizon hasn’t disclosed any hardware partner for its tablet computer.

In reply to Verizon plans of introducing tablet computer, Google gives its statement that we have nothing to say at the moment and Google’s Android OS is a free mobile platform, which indicates that anyone can use it or add modifications to create mobile device without any restrictions what so ever and we will be looking forward to see what result it brings in for Verizon.


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