News Photos to act as Searches in Yahoo

| May 12, 2010

Yahoo has changed its search criteria on photo galleries. Yahoo is now processing user clicks on photos just like a general search by entering the photo title in the Yahoo search bar.

The best known method to increase the page views is to make a slideshow; it is a fact which every web publisher with a throb knows. Turning the way you click on a picture works in search as well. Irrespective of the fact that Yahoo’s market share has been on a decline side for the last many months, Yahoo is still committed and promises to take a hop for the last few weeks. According to the financial data released by ComScore last month, Yahoo has ended up the month by adding 0.8% points to its total 17.7% market share.

Analysts believes that this recent rise in Yahoo’s share points is mainly due to its decision on treating photos in Yahoo news as simple search queries. Yahoo implements this change during last month and turns the way it presents pictures in Yahoo news. Hence, when a reader browsing on Yahoo news website, clicks on any photo or photo gallery, Yahoo generates a new search by entering the title of the picture of photo gallery into the Yahoo search bar. The result will show at least three similar associated searches underneath the picture. Another interesting fact to share herewith is that Yahoo’s search share has actually decreases over the period of March-April if you expel the number of searches generated through picture clicks.

Yahoo news site is known to be company’s mega source of traffic and the photo galleries on Yahoo news generates several hundred clicks as compared to regular news publications.


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